Want Great Legs? “6 Tips to Firm and Tone Them”

  1. Bend your knees deeply to reach an item on a low shelf, then straighten up without leaning forward or holding onto anything for support.

  2. When you get into or out of a chair, don’t depend on the arms for help. Instead, let your thigh muscles contract to lower and raise your body while your back is kept straight.

  3. Climb stairs two at a time, with a straight back and without leaning dependently on the handrail.

  4. In the theater, on a bus, or during a meeting, sit with your lower back against a chair, then press your two legs tightly together as if they were one for as long as possible.

  5. To increase your walking speed, take longer strides rather than shorter, quicker steps. By lengthening your pace you’re using more of your thigh and hip muscles.

  6. Just before you retire at night, stand with your knees slightly bent and grip your pillow between them. Squeeze the pillow for 8 counts as if trying to crush it. Repeat several times.