How To – The Household Tips 5

1. Easily Reduced Ashtray Smell.
Keep a small amount of baking soda in ashtrays at all times.

2. Messless Painting From Bucket.
Punch several holes around rim of can with small nail.

3. Take Lumps Out Of Paint.
Cut a piece of screen to fit inside of can or bucket, it will float to bottom, taking the lumps with it.

4. Keep Bugs Out Of Paint.
Pour a little insect repellent in the paint. It does the trick.

5. Prevent Flowers From Fading.
Use a few drops of chlorine bleach in water, add an asprin for life.

6. A Simple Roach Formula- It WORKS.
Crumble cigarette butts in water, let dry then spread in roach areas.

7. Save Painting Clean Up Time.
Cover roller tray with aluminum foil, then just throw away.

8. A Novel Paint Can Cover.
Use plastic lid from a coffee can.

9. Keep Piano Keys Looking New.
Keep cover open, ivory turns dark if exposed to darkness.

10. How To Remove Grease From Rugs.
Pour ample amount of baking soda on it, brush in, let stand for a day, vacuum off.