How To Get Long, Beautiful Eye Lashes

Are you looking for those movie start length eye lashes? The ones that are nothing short of truly impressive? You can get these by just making a few important decisions about the products you use and the application methods to use. Depending on how elegant you may want to be, choose the right products and do take the time to go the extra step.

Start with an eyelash curler. Use it as often as you need to, but do not overwork the lash with it. You want to be sure to use it whenever it is possible to do so. These curlers are very inexpensive but the look they give you is much appreciated.

They help to make your eyes look wider and they help to give you what more alert look. For many, they can add an air of youthfulness. When you are choosing the items for your eyelashes, do not skip this step. You should only curl your eyelashes prior to applying mascara to them.

How To Get Long, Beautiful Eye Lashes

How To Get Long, Beautiful Eye Lashes

To use the eye lash curler best, place it under the hair dryer for about thirty seconds. This heats it nicely and allows it to work better with the curling. It will work much more likely a curling iron and will curl the lashes more permanently. Curl each set of lashes once. If you want a more rounded look to them, curl them twice.

Use a small comb to come through the eyelashes next. This allows them to each be separated and easy to work with. Apply a very light amount of powder to the eye lashes. You can do this using the comb. This will help the mascara to stick to the eye lashes better and this means a better look.

When applying mascara, do so with a nice, clean brush. If the brush has clumps in it, the eye lashes will also have clumps when you apply the make up to them. Place the mascara brush at the very base of your eyes and without holding it there, pull up.

Applying the make up in one swoop like this is what will make it the most successful. It is important to consider a second coat, especially if your eyelashes are smaller.

Using the products you have and using them wisely will give you that great look you are hoping for. Eyelashes are an important part of overall beauty and can help to bring out your eyes.